Drumhead Service 1937

It is a tradition going back for centuries that soldiers in the field, without recourse to their chapels or churches on Sunday, would lay their drums neatly, consecrate them by laying their standards on them, and use them as an altar.

Below is a newspaper cutting from the Llanelly Guardian and some photos of the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth on May 12th, 1937.

Drumhead Service Newspaper cutting 1937Drumhead ServiceDrumhead Service 1937

Parc Howard Duck Pond

Parc Howard Duck PondParc Howard Duck Pond November 2009Parc Howard Duck Pond November 2009Parc Howard Duck Pond November 2009

Parc Howard Duck Pond photographed in November 2009. Well to be truthful one was photographed before 2009. Any idea which one and when?


These postcards were published by the Philco Publishing Co. London, W.C. 1 - any idea when?




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